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White Minimalism

Wedding Cake Trend: White Minimalism

Wedding Cake Trend: White Minimalism

Referencing those weddings that have an air of effortless sophistication and that are timeless in their styling we are finding ourselves drawn to simplicity when it comes to wedding cakes. Sometimes less really does say more.Perfectly suited to aesthetics that favour no fuss and style over seasonal trends, nothing is more polished than a minimalistic white wedding cake. For those planning a more refined reception, working with an all white or monochrome palette, or looking to create a classic chic mood, be inspired by the idea of doing away with any sort of adornment or styling on or around your cake.

The beauty of this trend is in its simplicity. While hinting at tradition a white layered cake doesn’t have to awaken
thoughts of dated cakes and scarily thick icing. To ensure a effortless and undone look keep the layering simple (we
recommending no more than 3) and opt for texture in your icing. A vanilla bean flavouring will add tiny specs of black which works beautifully for a more rustic mood.

Extend on this theme and keep the styling of your cake table to an absolute minimalism. A simple tray or cake board and a tarnished antique silver cake knife is all that is needed.

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