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Enchanted Melbourne Wedding

Stephanie & Sam by Bek Smith

Stephanie & Sam by Bek Smith

Hauntingly beautiful, Stephanie & Sam exchanged vows in a woodland ceremony surrounded by vast arrays of forest.Blurring the lines between dexterity and verdant fervour, Stephanie’s intricate lace gown brought an effortlessly elegant tone to the rustic affair.

Following the bohemian ceremony, the reception was set in the private and romantic vineyards of Victoria’s Bright countryside. All white flowers paired with classic silver and copper tableware cascaded down tablescapes whilst luminous facades of fairy lights enveloped guests with a warm glow..

Stunningly photographed by LANE handpicked photographer, Bek Smith… 

NAMES: Stephanie & Sam

WEDDING DATE: 12/03/26


HOW WE MET:  We met at the Queenscliff Music Festival back in 2014. I was working at Sportsgirl and Sams siste Clare was my Assistant Manager. She mentioned she had a brother and said we should meet. So when I saw him one night at the festival I got the guts up and approached him! The next day we bumped into each other in the main street at a chilli stand and I guess he tried to impress me as he ate the hottest chilli available. The chilli didnt go  down easily for him, but Sam definitely made an impression on me, thats for sure!!

OUR ENGAGEMENT STORY: Sam proposed August 31st in M&M World, Time Square, New York!! This really encompasses everything I love- Sam, New York and chocolate!! I was so not expecting it, as in November after the trip we were to move in to our home in East Geelong together and I just never thought he would propose prior to  this. I loved that I wasn’t expecting it and it was a COMPLETE surprise. He had in his hand a few M&Ms with I heart NYC on them and a ring and said will you continue to make me the happiest guy…? and broke down!! It was so busy in M&M world that no one took notice- was a special moment for us amongst all the hustle and bustle. I seriously didn’t believe him and kept saying is this a joke?! Once it sunk in I broke down and felt very overwhelmed. To celebrate we found a little bar just off Time Square and had a drink while we called home!

MARRIAGE TO US MEANS: Marriage to us is a public declaration of our love for each other. As we’d been together for 10 years already and were living together, who would’ve thought you could still feel so different after
getting married. I just feel so much closer to Sam than ever before. I just feel so incredibly happy that we chose each other to spend the rest of our lives together and through everything that life throws at us- we are a team, and we think that’s so amazing!!

WEDDING LOCATION: The wedding was Saturday March 12th 2016. There was never a question of the location- it had to be Bright, Victoria (about 4.5hours North East of Geelong). This place is so special to both Sam and I. My family has been holidaying there for our Summer holidays on the river since I was 10 months old and Sam’s family has been going there every Easter since he was born as well, just by chance!! Both our families share a love for the Bright and Porepunkah area, and before we even got engaged, we just knew one day we would be married there. The ceremony was at 2.30pm and we were in the pine plantations. There are so many thousands of hectares of these pine
plantations surrounding Bright and we thought –how great to find a spot in here!!! After gaining permission from HVP Plantations, the search was on for the perfect spot. After settling on the location the clearing had to begin and also levelling of the land. There were many hours spent  clearing, raking and shovelling to make the ceremony spot
what it ended up being- nature’s own cathedral!! Hard work, but so much fun and totally worth it! The Reception was from 5pm at Boyntons Feathertop Winery in Porepunkah. This was 800m from the ceremony pine spot. Such a stunning winery which looks over the valley with the mountains and vineyard as the view!! Absolutely perfect!!

THEME/STYLE: Our theme I think was quite classic. We really didn’t overdo decorations in either of the ceremony or reception location, as they were so beautiful to start with. I used white and green as my colours with touches of marble and copper. Wood was also used throughout the reception, and with the pine trees at the ceremony- it all coordinated perfectly.

(Interview continued beneath gallery)

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